Being still in one place for an extended period of time is not the best for an active creative.
The last three months have seen the studio relocated all over South Australia on a three month mission mainly focussed around film.

With a sufficient amount of instinct built up in photography I felt it was time to challenge myself with some short films. It was a really rewarding trip spending time in Davenport Community with Lavene, Jason and Dre as well as heading back to Adelaide to film an interview with the talented Colleen Strangways for an upcoming ABC profile piece.


The updated Creative Cloud is making a huge impact around the world with Lightroom now adding a host of great new features and functionality processes.

This image was taken much too close to the subjects but with the brenizer technique in play and the new Lightroom merge to panorama the age of technique of slating has been greatly stream lined.




Almost packed up and left but the tarp caught my eye.

Was lost in here for I don't know how long but a large road train rattled by and snapped me out.
I think the detail and colour of this compositions shows the overwhelming sense of this. 

The best element of this road stop was that all other thoughts left my mind and I was completely free it's a pretty rare thing for anyone these days to have all worries stripped away in such an instant.


As previously stated on my website in 2014 three years ago I wasn't aware of what the Torres Strait Island flag stood for which solidified my resolve and understanding of the impact of the dualistic systems and forms of education that we are exposed to in the media as well as the schooling & information system.

From this experience I am driven to exact change within these systems as an instrument to shine a light, give people a voice and facilitate the story telling.

I am heading back to the desert and then onto Canberra but really excited to return in April for two weeks of intensive interaction and creativity so please share this page around to retain / rebuild / retell culture.



In my childhood I grew up with the paintings of colonist Frederick McCubbin's 'The Pioneer' enduring hardships in their new life in a new world. I felt the agony of the loss of a child, drought, death during childbirth and the underlying sense of fear within the unknown.

Growing up in Port Augusta swimming in mudlands until late into the night this feeling has stuck with me. These images to me are an outpouring of the unchosen ignorance growing up without any form of education or awareness of the true dark history of this 'lucky' country.

Such shame, such sorrow, grasping towards hope in a system that doesn't fit.

This new series was photographed next to one of the busiest intersections in Adelaide and yet we were able to find solace and respite within the forest, animals and still waters.

Taking inspiration from 'The Pioneer' this series shows the break down of a system as the force and magnitude of another forces its way in.


Photographed in August 2013 the subject image for the album Summer was quite challenging but also really rewarding. The tight confines of a recording studio mixed with the responsibility for so much expensive equipment brought my techniques back into line. There wasn't going to be any mud slinging or large pressure hoses within these walls.

The subject was considerably sick on the day which actually really helped to create distress and unease as the profoto popped away with a make shift bracket for the Kacey beauty dish.

Hard light was the order for the day and the sharpness that came along with it was rather impressive.


Mixing earth, fire, wind and water was really interesting although my hands as usual failed in the ditch digging with numerous callouses appearing shortly into the set design.

The bones in this work are from the Marla area from different trips which are being transported to Adelaide to be made into jewellery so had to be a little careful with them.

The Lab provided the new mask replacing the old hessian bag that had been used in the majority of photos to date.


Different to the Export of Anxiety Series, the Lab provides a blank canvas for experimentation into themes and concepts, lighting, prop construction and execution as well as always being a great place to be completely lost within.

The restitution of this practice always shines a new light into conceptual theory as well as clearing the way for future endeavours.


The Confident Cooking Book was the brain child of Grace Love from Bliss Organic Cafe and was photographed three days a week for three months. Three tether chords later and a smoking d800 over 100 individually styled and themed images were dualistically created. Lucky Grace's favourite number is the number three.

Keeping with the theme of threes the cream desert was created using three glass stacking elements and was an absolute nightmare being second hand and the d800's ability to track and capture every single detail. Learnt the lesson of patience and reward on this day! 

Received my signed copy in the post yesterday from Grace very much appreciated for the extra copy to share! Thanks for believing in me in an early stage of my photography journey. 


Many things arise in the journey of life often unexpectedly and i’m always surprised with human natures ability to cope with the highs and lows of being alive on this planet. Sometimes it seems that the elasticity of this pull is too much and recovery appears impossible.

The road leading up to this day wasn’t a walk in the park I had to get special permits from the head of health in Adelaide as well as deal with a small hospital room and an even smaller budget of time. Each shot within the hospital walls was planned out, lighting setups sketched out and a stopwatch set for each shot. The nurses were super helpful and friendly which helped greatly with load in/out as well as keeping an eye on my OH&S while in any public spaces.

Spending the day with Audrey Wonga fortified my resilience, inspired and motivated me a great deal. During pregnancy Audrey developed gestational diabetes which affects between 2 - 10 percent making it one of the most common health problems within pregnancy.

The first image in the series is purposely lit to focus the viewers attention toward her face. Audrey’s motivation behind the images is her desire to show that she is just like everyone else, share with others that diabetes is manageable and there is life after limb amputation.

With assistance from her trusty gopher Audrey demonstrates her independence motoring all over town, visiting the shops and dropping in on the grandkids.

As always I learnt a great deal researching gestational diabetes as well as interacting with Audrey and her family. Never take these connections for granted and always honoured to be able to walk alongside community and listen to their ups and downs.

A big thanks to Christopher Crismani and the nursing staff at the Coober Pedy Hospital.


Often the focus of photography can be on what the art director or individual who commissioned the works wants and usual this means quite quickly in a reliable, bang it out fashion and there is nothing wrong with that it's the same as asking a formula one car to not break down I get it. 

It's nice however to spend a relaxed Friday afternoon with no restraint, direction or expectation and be able to really flesh out a numerous amount of various modifier choices, especially the odd ones that haven't been put together before. 

Enter the ring flash, gridded 28" kacey beauty dish, 70cm elinchrom deep octa and it's grandfather the ominous 1.8m octa powered by the profoto Acute 600 B2 AirS.

Again with this freedom in place the post work is completely directionless and the freedom is quite liberating. In this series of images I investigated fashion techniques, frequency separation as well as working within a large selection of groups and masks. 


New section added to the photography series featuring some of the most interesting characters that I've had the pleasure of meeting and photographing over the past year.


Proud moment today with the publishing and distribution of the Deadly Centre Breakaways Recount educational resource book.

The 35cm x 28cm hard cover publication features beautiful rich imagery combined with blurbs provided from the students learnt culture and connection to land both in English and traditional Yankunytjatjara as translated by Marion Baker.

My favourite part of this project was handing the camera over to the kids to take images at the lunch break and connect with them through the visual medium of photography. These images are clearly marked inside the project image gallery.

This community project is another clear example of how pro-bono work can facilitate projects that would not have gone ahead and provide a spark within the students, faculty and community.

Really enjoyed this project as well as watching the students receive their books. The notion of living within a dualistic system and also the strength to keep culture strong within some of the harshest living conditions in Australia.

This publication is set to be published as a learning resource for schools around South Australia in 2015.

Commissioned: The Deadly Centre @ Coober Pedy Area School c/o Sarah Turner
Cultural Advisor: Ian Crombie
Translator: Marion Baker


In the last year I have been doing a lot of driving and often times I find it quite arduous and my mind tends to wander into a semi surreal wonderland and then back to the unending horizon line of South Australia. Obviously my attention span isn’t the greatest and my mind is always active with new ideas and conceptualisation of how things are currently done and how this mould could be broken right open.

The concept of walking a round trip from Sydney to Uluru without any type of support vehicle or direct respite seems extremely daunting both physically and mentally, however that is the exact mantra of Macquarie University student Coen Kuuinu Tate.

Engaging in various communities along the way, yarning with travellers along the Stuart Highway, Coen spreads the unified message of awareness and education addressing the dualistic nature of Australia’s social systems.

Although I am adverse to crowd funding projects that involve no action from the authors I can see the validation of this trek through vigilant action and toil. Ultimately reminding us that an individual can make a difference and dispels a lot of misconceptions regarding the hopelessness of a dispossessed Nation.



I first met Lynnie out the front of the Pink Roadhouse in 2012 at the conclusion of filming the COBRA bike ride with 25 young Aboriginal men and boys. I was instantly impressed with the dexterity of Lynnie’s vocabulary and drawn to her honest and warm personality.

Pink Roadhouse

Lynnie’s journey has been a tough one and I strongly empathise with her loss and grief.

One of my works Expectations is based on the perception and hope embodied within youth and the early start up of the family unit until the reality of life strips away these expectations sometimes very quickly.

This portrait was taken at the beginning of the final ride at the 2012 Bronco Branding that was in honour of Lynnie’s late husband Adam who died doing what he loved driving in the Targa Rally.


Over three months, three days a week and three tether cables later this series of 130 styled food shots was created with Chef and owner of Bliss Organic Cafe, Grace Love and the cook book Confident Cooking was born containing 100 recipes with accompanying themed images.

I found that a reflector can ultimately make a great prop and there are so many rules of photography most of which I am unaware of but the freedom that food photography grants is endless.

This experience taught me a lot about myself as well as the art form of photography especially in the field of controlling and shaping light. Very blessed to be able to spend such an extended period of time intimately with the project and with Grace which cements my belief in the slow and steady shooting style.

For more information about the book view the video here